Hurry, day!

(c) Bernhard Friedrich

Hurry, day,
Please pass as quickly as you can.
I want to hold my darling
in my arms again.
In my arms,
where she belongs!

Hurry, day!
Pass as quickly as you can.
I want to see her again,
Touch her,
Feel her,
Look into her beautiful eyes.
Hurry, day.
Pass by.
Because the night will bring my baby.

Hurry, train.
Bring her in my arms again.
The day has passed,
Now it’s in your hand.
To bring her
Where she belongs:
In my arms again.
Please hurry, train!

Slow down, day!
Please slow down, day!
The evening will take
my baby away,
Away from my arms,
Away from where she ought to be
From where she wants to be
Away from me.

Slow down, day!
Don’t take her away!
Slow down, day!
Let my baby stay!

(Like in most long distance relationships:
Wait 5 days, then repeat from beginning)